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  • Linnea Maki

Creating Memories

What an event filled summer we have had at Park River! It feels like it was just yesterday when the trees were blooming before our eyes after the last of the snow had finally melted. The State Fair began today and you can almost feel a change in the air. Soon the leaves will be turning vibrant colors and falling to the ground. It's almost time to put the sandals away and bring out the sweaters. As hard as that is for me to do, ( I always try to extend sandal weather until Halloween) I love fall and I'm really excited for our coming events!

We recently had a new fundraiser in August for the Resident Council Foundation at Park River. For those of you who don't know, the Resident Council Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money through fundraisers to purchase items and entertainment to enhance the quality of life of our residents at Park River. We rented a dunk tank and charged $1 a ball for residents and staff to dunk staff members. (A big thank you to our Administrator Tom and the staff members who volunteered to be dunked!) We were able to raise $356.00! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our residents! As I looked through the pictures of that day, I realized I couldn't stop smiling. I admit it was fun watching the residents "take a toss at the boss!" But the real reason I was smiling was because you could see how much fun the residents were having that day. I'm glad we captured those memories. We are looking forward to doing this again next summer!

The plans are all set for our annual Resident, Staff & Family Outdoor Picnic on September 10th. I'm excited to switch it up a little this year with a new band (Jack & The Boys) and to have a gift basket raffle. Each department is picking a theme and putting together a "basket." The baskets will be displayed starting September 1st at the main entrance. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1. The drawing will take place at the picnic. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards the Resident Council Foundation. Events can be stressful to plan, but knowing how much fun our residents have makes it completely worth it!

October, November & December will be full of fun events and activities for our residents and families. I will fill everyone in soon with the details! In the mean time, lets enjoy the rest of the summer and create as many memories as we can!

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