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Vaccine Update

Although initial information indicated that we would be seeing vaccine at PRECC by end-of-December, it now appears that our first clinic for residents and staff will be on or around January 14th. Staff will be calling you in the coming days to obtain consent for your loved one to receive their vaccination. CVS pharmacy continues to be our partner and they will bring the vaccine in and administer it as well.

We do not have any clear information about how the vaccine may change restrictions. I’m sure we will not see any new direction until after the long-term care sites have had both doses. Our second dose is scheduled for February 11th.

The vaccine being used at PRECC is from Moderna. The two required doses will be administered exactly 28 days apart. For more information on this vaccine, please go to: or They both have excellent information about how the vaccines work, and about the Moderna vaccine specifically.

We are encouraging all of our staff to choose to be vaccinated – for their safety, and for the safety of their loved ones and our residents. We hope that you will choose the vaccine for your loved one, and for yourself when you are able. One of the lives you save may be your own.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the vaccine, or other topics important to you and yours.

Kim Pederson, Administrator


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