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Thank You for Being You :-)

These past few months have been so busy at Park River! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you about our big projects and happenings that have been going on this spring. I also wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the amazing people who have given and continue to give so much to our residents. Thank you for being you.

The Resident Council Foundation has finished its remodeling project in our Family Lounge on Long-Term Care! We wanted to create a relaxing and inviting space for families and residents to enjoy. The Foundation has dedicated this room in memory of one of its founding Board Members and friend -Elaine Vargas. Elaine passed away last year.

We purchased a large wall mural of a Puerto Rican beach scene, which was titled "Reunion." The Board members all agreed that the name was a sign that the mural was the perfect fit. We like to picture Elaine reunited with her husband on the beach there. We had so much fun buying all new furniture and decor. We know Elaine would have loved it!

Pam Carpentier, Vice President of the Foundation, her husband Mike and myself put the mural up together. Once we unrolled the mural and translated the Swedish instructions, we realized that it was a bigger ordeal than we thought. Pam called her husband Mike and he left his own job (very early) to come and help us. He stayed for almost 8 hours. We couldn't have done it without him! It was a lot of work but very worth it in the end.

Linda Hovan donated a check to purchase flowers for the front entrance of LTC. We bought hanging baskets and annuals that look beautiful! Linda has generously donated the money for our front entrance flowers for the past 3 years in memory of her husband Skip. The entrance was completed with a "Welcome" planter donated by Shawn & Janet Hanna who organize our annual Car Show. They also have donated the water fountains and bird baths that are located in the courtyard.

Another project was planting new dirt, mulch, perennials and annual flowers in the courtyard. This project was funded completely by the family of Doug Anderson, who was a resident at Park River. His family not only donated the money to purchase all the dirt, mulch, plants and flowers... they did all the work too. With the help of their church, they spent hours weeding, decorating and planting in 100 degree weather over Memorial Day weekend.

I seem to have a hard time keeping my composure lately when I talk about how amazing all of you are... To have family members and people from the community dedicate their time to our residents tugs at my heart strings a bit! You are so amazing and inspiring. I hope you realize that what you do for our residents is a big deal. We are so thankful to have you be a part of our home. Thank you for being you.

Our baby ducks have gotten so big in the last month! I was afraid with the big snow storm in April that mama duck wouldn't come this year. It wasn't until we began to do our spring cleaning in the courtyard that we spotted her nestled in a well protected corner. I know our residents have enjoyed watching them grow in their "ducky day spa" (aka the courtyard) Those furry little babies have brought so much happiness and so many smiles to our residents over the past 20 + years. I hate to let them go, but it is getting to be that time.

The babies from last summer were brought to a duck sanctuary outside of St. Francis, and these babies will be brought there this year too. We heard that the babies last year enjoyed themselves so much that they didn't leave for the winter, so we know they are living a happy life!

I'm looking forward to our next fundraising event which is our 3rd annual "Take a Toss at the Boss" dunk tank fundraiser! The foundation rents a large dunk tank and residents, staff and families are able to buy their chance at dunking our Administrator Tom Pollock. We also sell dippin' dots ice cream, mini doughnuts, root beer and old fashioned lemonade. All proceeds go towards the Resident Council Foundation.

It has been a blast the last two years and our residents really get a kick out of watching and participating! Thank you so much to Tom for volunteering, without hesitation, to get dunked and always supporting the Foundation! We look forward to seeing you all on July 26th from 1:30-3:00!

Until then, have a great 4th of July weekend! I hope you make a ton of memories with your loved ones! :-)

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